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March 30, 2011



Thanks for your comments!

I was speaking to someone yesterday and we discussed this, and I feel a bit sorry for even mentioning the band - there is more vitriol about them than I thought there was! But in order to spark a discussion about how it can potentially limit authentic black artists who choose to do something outside of the norm - in a positive light - is needed. Thanks!

It is frustrating how music can be perceived sometimes. For early Rap music, there were messages that were to benefit urban communities but as soon as the money rolled in, that rage / violence - which as you say, K, is something that mainstream America seems to love coming from Black men - was seen as a prototype for not only an entire generation of black folks, but also for everyone else group up after that Gansta Rap decade.


There are images of black expression that are seen as acceptable and authentic for mainstream (read white) consumption. For black men it's rage/violence, for black women it's tragedy/nurture. For all, poverty/struggle must be part of the narrative. Anything that falls outside of that view is seen as inauthentic or a "curiosity". Some white critics still look at black creative expression as exotic escapism rather than evaluating it as artistic craft.


I don't mind people stepping out of the "norm" to listen to music that's not what they "should" be listening to. To be honest though I feel that sometimes white people don't really get rap. For example the teenage suburban kids that listen to gangster rap. What's that about? And most black people don't really get punk or alternative/subcultures for that matter and they are more likely to take on the fashion and/or aggression and miss the message entirely. I am from LA county California and this is my experience. I am a black person that was into punk and is part of an a subculture so of course this isn't everyone. I also find that hip hop that has a real message and is artistic in anyway still doesn't fit into "blackness" in this country but as we know "whiteness" is a clean slate. If you are white you can do or be anything in everyday society with out much struggle except maybe name calling here and there but that's not as bad as being hanged or beat up for instance. I;m ranting. lol. But this group and there violence is not something I will support at all. When I read the first few paragraphs b4 I watched the video I expected them to be different. but they still fall into the "nigga" category unfortunately no matter ho maybe whites go to their shows.

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