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May 18, 2011



I just listened to your Soundcheck piece. I think you came off very well. Your interlocutor seemed pretty combative--like she didn't necessarily want to have a discussion with you. (Eg, "They also mention 'white bitches.'"--well that wasn't exactly your point, that they don't mention women of any particular color.)

Tyler's self-comparison to QT is not unproblematic itself, since QT comes off in his art as a fairly raging misogynist.

Isn't the whole point of writing about culture not simply enjoying culture no matter its content but looking at its content and seeing how it reinforces or bucks the structure of society? Lowe's assertion that men and women of all colors and ages enjoy OF doesn't, like, say anything.

OF fatigue is pretty wearying, but I'm glad you've made some thoughtful contributions to the discourse around it.



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