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October 12, 2011


Mitchell Day

You're going to get a lot shit for writing about racism and sexism? Maybe. But you're also going to get a lot of validation as well. There is a whole network of Anti-racists out there that pursue Anti-racism with a righteous zeal. Even when there is no racism.


I'm sorry to hear about how you were treated. And I'm disheartened to know, from your post, and a discussion in the BlogHer Chatter section last night, that foul treatment of women in music isn't a problem that's specific to hip-hop (which I'm more familiar with).

I started seeking out and listening to harder rock (beyond classic rock and alternative) recently, after Van Hunt went punk with some of the songs on his latest album. "Harder rock," of course, is a relative term, and I'm sure it's not really metal that I'm listening to, but I'll keep researching!

I found your blog through the discussion I mentioned on the BlogHer site. I'll be back! : )

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