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July 14, 2013


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Wayne R Flower

I think you nailed it in terms of how this case makes me feel. I am a white man and my girlfriend is a black woman and a prosecutor. She explained the legal aspects of how the burden is on the prosecutor and all the defense has to do is poke holes. As a colleague told here 'It is easier to poke hole than to build a boat.'

And any of us falsely accused would want that burden of proof. This is so, but I am pissed about this decision for exactly the reasons you state so well here. It is clear what happened here. Normally in high profile cases I try and realize what we know I fed to us by the media, we don't know all the detail, etc. But this seems pretty clear.

As white people we will never know the kind of judgement you and and so many others face (and white liberals, you need to accept this fact once and for all). I see what my girlfriend deals with, I see how white people look at her and at us as a bi-racial couple, I see how they treat my black male friends and how they fear them.

I thank you for your words, your perspective and your courage and I hope someday these problems are part of history and not people's day to day life.

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