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March 02, 2014


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Thanks Adam!

Myke, You just did what I was talking about in the post. First, if you don't like my article, that is fine, but as with many people, you are focused on the validity of the bands that were mentioned. First, the report on the bands was originally reported by other NYC based sites. the owners ( the link is available through the original link I posted in the article) apologized for the show. IF the bands were not 'racist,' why was there an apology for the show? Why did other websites report on the show? Also, I'm not going to name specific bands, but there was research done on all of them. If a band declares that they are not racist, as one has, it does not mean that they are not white nationalists, or hold views that are exclusionary to people who do not look like them. In these cases, there are bands that are mentioned that often use homophobic slurs and have been photographed wearing merch from other Nazi / racist identified bands.

Also having a black member in a band does not mean that the band is not racist. There are those - there are Nazi Asian, Indonesian, Mexican bands that identify with extremist thoughts and behaviour. If there is consternation on me mentioning the bands that performed, one must also contact all the other publications that reported on this show last year. And the article was not about this particular show, it was about exclusionary behaviour that makes it difficult for a more multi-cultural metal community to actively participate in the scene. I still haven't gotten an adequate answer from anyone on why this is a bad thing.

I have been in contact with the owners of the Acheron. They have explained - as again, published in the link that was given in the article - that the booker of the show lied to them. He gave them false names, and when they googled the bands nothing came up. My question about why the show was not previously publicized yet the band supporters showed up, is a valid question. I do feel that while I never wanted to slander the owners, I wholeheartedly accept their explanation. IF one of these bands do not at all hold offensive views, why agree to play with a lineup of bands who have that reputation? In relation to making accusatory statements, i have not but even if I did, it is valid. Any band that suggests exclusionary behaviour that could lead to physical violence is important to note.


that flavorwire article was pretty terrible, as im sure you're aware. uninformed and somewhat inflammatory. its quite a thing to level "nazi" charges against a band, im just saying. though stormwatch may be deemed ignorant, etc. by many, in no way are they "nazis" nor are any of those other bands. have you ever actually checked any of them out? oxblood had a black singer for a while, offensive weapon has hispanic dudes in the band, have a song in spanish, have black dudes at their shows, etc. in any case, that article was quite laughable. poor writing that comes off as "blogging" masquerading as journalism. this site and your writing seem like a one trick pony. cheers and luck to you!


I used to be one of those people who thought things like that shouldn't be brought up. Naively, like many white folks I think, I thought "sweeping it under the rug" so to speak would make it go away. If it wasn't out in the open it would no longer be an issue. It's only been within the last few years that I realized sweeping it under the rug is only making things worse. Long standing problems never get addressed and racism becomes more covert. Living in the Detroit area, especially these days when black people are moving out to the suburbs and white people are moving into the city, I'm seeing the harm that is being done on all sides by not addressing these problem.

Long story short, I think you are doing a great thing by bringing these issues to light. I hope more people will do the same.

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